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Allen Moody

Allen Moody

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Allen has been immersed in the sports gambling culture for more than 30 years. From first being introduced to illegal bookies in the Philadelphia suburbs at the age of 18, Allen has been actively involved with sports gambling, spending time as a bettor, a bookie, and a sports service operator. He is the author of Becoming a Winning Gambler and Sports Betting Basics, both of which were published in 2013, and also operates the website allenmoody.com.


An award-winning journalist, Allen regularly wrote about Sports Action, Oregon's legalized NFL betting lottery game, which was discontinued by lawmakers at the conclusion of the 2006 season in an attempt to attract the NCAA basketball tournament to the state.

During his time with sports gambling, Allen has witnessed the industry from both vantage points, as a bettor and while working for bookies. He ran a short-lived sports service by 900 number in the mid-1990s.

By Allen Moody:

It's a frequently stated fact that more than 90% of sports bettors will lose money over the long run. My goal is to try and help you become one of the other 10 percent, whether you're a novice bettor or an experienced veteran.

Any bettor may have a hot streak for a short period of time, but the only way to come ahead in the long run is through hard work and discipline. Sports gambling is not a get-rich quick scheme, as all sports gamblers will have winning streaks and losing streaks, and even the best of the professional sports bettors will have losing seasons from time to time.

The best advice I can give any sports bettor is to have fun and wager intelligently. Hopefully, I can show you how to do both.

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