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Sports Gambling: How to Bet Parlays
Sports Betting - How to Bet Parlays. Parlays are by far the most popular of the exotic wagers, as they offer the potential for a big payoff from a small wager.
Betting Baseball Parlays - Sports Gambling - About.com
Betting Baseball Parlays. In sports gambling circles parlays are often thought of as sucker bets, where the bettor receives much at a much lower ratio than the ...
How to Bet Teasers - Football and Basketball - Sports Gambling
Sports Betting - How to Bet Teasers. Teasers are bets that are offered in football and basketball betting, which are quite similar to parlays, in that all of the teams ...
Finding Correlated Parlays - Sports Gambling - About.com
Sportsbooks don't accept correlated parlays, but there are instances where bettors can ... This is less than the $160 profit we would have made by flat betting.
How to Bet Basketball - Sports Gambling - About.com
Of the four major sports, basketball is one of the easiest to bet on. ... On parlays, bettors have the option of betting against the point spread or using the money ...
Parlay Cards - Sports Gambling - About.com
Parlay cards are essentially the lottery version of sports betting, in which bettors try to make a lot of money for a minimal investment. While most sportsbooks offer  ...
The Basics of Sports Betting - Sports Gambling - About.com
While at first glance the world of sports betting can seem to be a complex one, ... to come out with additional betting opportunities, such as parlays and teasers.
Sports Betting - Sports Gambling Basic Concepts
Learn the basic aspects and terminology of sports gambling, including the different types of bets, where you can bet, and the legality of sports betting.
How to Bet Football - Sports Gambling - About.com
When it comes to sports betting, nothing has caught the fancy of the betting ... The main drawback to betting parlays and teasers is all of your teams must win or ...
A Guide to Betting on Sports in Law Vegas - Las Vegas - About.com
Once your skills at betting on sports have improved beyond the basics these articles on ... Introduction to Money Lines · How to Bet Parlays · How to Bet Teasers ...
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