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Sports Gambling: How to Bet Parlays
Parlays are by far the most popular of the exotic wagers, as they offer the potential for a big payoff from a small wager. Simply stated, a parlay is a collection of ...
Parlay Cards - Sports Gambling - About.com
Parlay cards are essentially the lottery version of sports betting, in which bettors try to make a lot of money for a minimal investment. While most sportsbooks offer  ...
Finding Correlated Parlays - Sports Gambling - About.com
If you've wagered on sports for a while, you've probably heard the term correlated parlay used once or twice. Maybe not, however, as the concept is one that not ...
Football Parlay Cards - Casino Gambling - About.com
Betting football parlay cards is as ingrained in the lives of millions of Americans as eating hot dogs and apple pie at the Forth of July and the football fun comes ...
How to Bet Teasers - Football and Basketball - Sports Gambling
Teasers are bets that are offered in football and basketball betting, which are quite similar to parlays, in that all of the teams selected must win in order for a ...
Betting Baseball Parlays - Sports Gambling - About.com
Baseball parlays are calculated differently, however, in that there are no fixed payoff odds. Instead the parlay is calculated by the odds of the teams used in the  ...
How to Bet Basketball - A Beginner's Guide - Sports Gambling
The other types of wagers involving basketball come in the form of parlays and teasers, which are sometimes called exotic bets. In parlays and teasers bettors ...
Betting Football- How to Bet Football - Casino Gambling - About.com
For the parlay to be a winning wager, every one of its individual plays must win. If any of the individual bets is not a winner, then the entire parlay wager loses.
How to Bet Football - Sports Gambling - About.com
Other popular football bets are parlays and teasers, which are sometimes referred to as exotic bets. In parlays and teasers. bettors must correctly predict two or ...
Sports Betting Rules - Sports Gambling - About.com
How sportsbooks handle ties on parlays and teasers is another area where the rules may differ from book to book. Most sportsbooks will simply drop the number  ...
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