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College Football Betting Systems From Mr. East


Updated September 14, 2012

College Football Betting Systems From Mr. East

NOTE: Those of you who visited the forum last year no doubt remember Mr. East, who had a great run with his releases and also had a great showing with his totals system that appeared in last week's article, NFL Betting Systems From Mr. East.

In this article, Mr. East gives out several of his favorite college football betting systems. You can visit his web site at Mr. East Sports Picks.

System 1 - Confident and Under the Radar Home Dogs in the First Half of the College Football Season

It is early in the college football season, and the public, the broadcasters and the world around college football is already forming opinions on teams. Some will have earned the respect they were given before game one, others may have lost it and some others fly under the radar.

We sometimes see teams that take things for granted, and look horrible in a game they win by three points or less when they should have done so much more. The public sours on them, but they come back on strength, knowing they escaped and playing on the short side of the line just enhances their efforts going forward.

Teams that are installed as a home dog of +3.5 to +10 points in their next game after squeezing-out a 3-point or less win at home in the first half of the season (games two through six) have been an impressive 31-9-1 ATS, including Wake Forest last week. That's 77.5% ATS.

System 2 - 20/20 Style

When someone sees or hears the expression 20/20, a couple of things come to mind. Many may immediately think of the ABC show that aired for the first time on June 6, 1978 called 20/20, and yet others may think of it as perfect vision, as in 20/20 vision. But few if any would think of 20/20 in terms of a college football betting situation.

Let's change that. This system may have them zooming in with their 20/20 vision to find some valued teams on this week's college football card.

Our journey begins with last week's results, and we see a whole lot of teams that lost by 20 points or more, with the associated week one mismatches. Most gamblers will shun the opportunity to hoist some dollars on these teams, as each and every one of them looked ugly.

That ugly will look even uglier when we see that they are matched-up against another ugly team. In fact, they will be matched-up vs. an opponent so ugly that they are posted as a -20 point or more favorite again.

So therein lies our 20/20 formula. A team that lost by 20 points or more in their previous game, that is now are installed as a -20 or more point favorite. That sounds like putting ugly on ugly. Would a gambler dare to venture in on a -20 or more point favorite that just lost by 20 or more? He doesn't need 20/20 vision to stay away from this one...or should he use that 20/20 vision to zero in on a golden opportunity?

The Results: 20/20 Style If you had played on any home favorite of -20 or more points that lost their previous game by 20 or more points, you would have gone 114-71-3 ATS since 1980, or win 61.6% (ATS) of the time.

So before you jump ugly on these unlikeliest of home favorites, use that 20/20 vision to have a clear look at a pretty big edge.

System 3 - College Football September Red Hot Conference Road Dogs and Low Totals

The college football season is upon us. September is filled with excitement as some teams will be better than advertised and become the talk of October, while others will stumble out of the gate and fall prey to local media.

This is an advantageous time for gamblers to exploit a six-year weakness in what the oddsmakers throw out there for games specific to conference play, and low totals.

We start by looking at all games where we have a road dog in September to a total of less than 49, and what we see is the status quo:
165-157-10 ATS

That might lead one to believe that there is nothing further to explore on this avenue, as it looks to lead to a dead end. Such is not the case, as we begin to take a look at what happens when it is a conference game.

Something magical happens, as our situation that looked so mundane and not worthy of further exploration, jumps off the page. What we find is September road dogs with a total of less than 49 are 65-27-4 ATS the last six years. That translates to is a hefty 70.7% winners ATS.

If we want to make sure they are truly a road dog (considering home field advantage of 3), then if we take a look at them as a road dog of 3 or more we get 61-23-4 ATS, or a bookie-wrecking 72.6% with a database of 90 plays.

This system has been 41-18-4 ATS in BCS Conference games and 20-5 ATS in non-BCS Conference games. It went 2-0 in week one to improve to 63-23-4.

So if you're a business man and you don't like conference calls, this is one conference call you won't want to miss - make the call on the road dog and you might just be dialing for dollars.

Remember, you can visit Mr. East Sports Picks or e-mail mreast47@yahoo.com for information on receiving his daily newsletter, which is where the systems came from.

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