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NFL Football Week Ten Report


Updated November 09, 2012

NFL Football Week Ten Report

The tenth week of the NFL season began with a thud, as the Colts and Jaguars did battle on Thursday in a game for die-hard NFL fans only, as there were several better college games on the slate that same day.

But the league more than makes up for that clunker with an interesting Sunday night match-up between the Texans and the Bears in a game between two of the better teams in the league. That's one of the few decent Sunday games, however, as the schedule is a bit on the bland side this week. Of course, you can't forget the Monday night game, featuring the Chiefs at the Steelers.

The NFL Power Ratings have been updated and there a few plays this week.
Power Rating Plays for the Week: 7* New England-11, 49ers-11.5. 5* SD+3, Miami-6, Baltimore-7.5.

As I mentioned earlier, we will be tracking the Dudley Method and the Total Dudley Method throughout the year and so far all of the systems have been spinning their wheels. We would certainly like to see them start to pick up steam or falter, as there is nothing worse than a 50-50 system, as a method that losses consistently is just as good as one that wins on a regular basis.

We'll list this week's plays, as well as last week's records and season-to-date records.

Dudley Sides (3-3, 13-16): Jaguars+3, Miami-6, Vikings+2, Bears-1.

Dudley Totals (2-5, 16-19-1): Colts under 42.5, NYG over 48.5, Denver under 47.5, Miami over 44.5, Baltimore under 46, Chicago over 41.5, Pittsburgh under 43, Dallas under 46.

Total Dudley Sides (2-1, 5-8): Tampa Bay-3, Oakland+7.5, Bears-1.
Total Dudley Totals (0-1, 5-10): Falcons under 54, Bears over 41.5.

YPP Power Ratings (6-2, 16-19): Jags+3, Miami-6, Vikes+2, Bears-1.

All three of the methods are selecting Chicago, so I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not for Bears backers, while both totals methods like the game to go over the total.

The Games

Denver at Carolina: You better believe Denver's John Fox wants to win this game against his former team, but Carolina has typically played its best against winning teams at home, so I'll stay away from this one.

Tennessee at Miami: The Titans looked absolutely dismal last week against the Bears and it is a bit of a surprise to see them only getting six points in this spot. But teams in this spot have historically been decent bets against the spread in the past, so I will definitely stay away from Miami. It still takes courage to back a team that has been as poor as Tennessee, but that may be the way to go.

New York Jets at Seattle: The oddsmakers are giving the Seahawks a lot of respect in this spot, perhaps a bit too much, and the points may be the way to go here.

Buffalo at New England: It's hard to lay such a lofty number in the NFL, but the Patriots are more than capable of winning by double digits. I think the Bills can get a few points of their own, so even though it's a high number, can see this one going over.

St. Louis at San Francisco: Another game similar to the one directly above, and once again I'd lead to the over 38.5, as the defenses could set up some short fields.

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