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NFL Football Week Nine Report


Updated November 04, 2012

NFL Football Week Nine Report

The ninth week of the NFL season began with a stinker in Kansas City at San Diego and ends with a game that looked pretty good in August, with Philadelphia at New Orleans, but is now little more than a contest between two big disappointments.

There are several games that are worth watching, such as Pittsburgh at the New York Giants, but for the most part, it's a bit of a lackluster week in the NFL.

The NFL Power Ratings will still be updated on a weekly basis and we'll continue to list the power rating plays, although Houston -10 is the only one this week, just managing to sneak in as a 5* play.

As I mentioned earlier, we will be tracking the Dudley Method and the Total Dudley Method throughout the year and it came back to earth a bit after a 9-3 record two weeks ago. We really need to wait until we have a year's worth of results in before we can make any sort of judgment on the method.

We'll list this week's plays, as well as last week's records and season-to-date records.

Dudley Sides (3-4, 10-13): SD-8.5, GB-10, Jaguars+5.5, Tampa+2, NYG-3, Atlanta-3.5, Saints-3.5.
Dudley Totals (4-5-1, 14-14-1): Bengals under 48, GB under 44, Ravens over 42, Houston over 48, Jaguars under 44, Bears over 43.5, Falcons under 47.5.

Total Dudley Sides (1-0, 3-7): Browns+4, Houston-10.5, Tampa+2.
Total Dudley Totals (0-2, 5-9): Houston over 48.

YPP Power Ratings (4-4, 10-17): SD-8.5, Arizona+10, Jags+5.5, Bears-3.5, Tampa+2, NYG-3, Atlanta-3.5, Saints-3.5.

The Games

Denver at Cincinnati: This is one of those games where the line looks a little bit on the low side, given the recent play of the two teams, as the Broncos defeated San Diego and New Orleans on national television the past two weeks, while the Bengals have dropped their last three games. As is often the case in such a situation, I'd look hard at the home underdog.

Baltimore at Cleveland: Last we saw of the Ravens before their bye week they were pummeled by the Texans, while the Browns pulled off an upset of the Chargers in last week's 7-6 snoozefest. After covering their first two games against the spread the Ravens have dropped their last five against the number. If forced to play the game, I'd probably lean to Baltimore, but since I don't have to, I'll likely stay away.

Detroit at Jacksonville: The Jaguars have been bad all season long, especially at home where they are 0-3 straight up and against the spread, losing by an average of 25 points a game. Detroit, meanwhile, isn't quite as good as we believed last season, but have covered the number the past three weeks after beginning the season 0-4 against the spread.

This is another one of those games where common sense says to take the road favorite, but gut feeling says the Jaguars get the job done somehow.

Pittsburgh at New York Giants: The Giants will be the sentimental choice in this one for many, as much has been written about how the game will be played to lift the spirits of those affected by Sandy. Be that as it may, I have to believe the Steelers are the right side in this game.

Dallas at Atlanta: In some ways this year's Dallas Cowboy squad reminds me of my New Jersey Devils, who I feel compelled to mention since it's the only way to write something hockey-related. The Devils have an annoying habit of winning games they should lose, but then turning around and winning games they're expected to lose.

Now the Cowboys visit undefeated Atlanta and the Falcons are fresh off their win at Philadelphia, when the Eagles were the choice of plenty of handicappers. The Falcons look almost too good in this spot, but instinct tells me the Cowboys manage to cover the number.

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