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Advanced Sports Gambling

These articles are for those with a solid understanding of sports betting.
  1. Power Ratings (6)

Regression to the Mean in Sports Betting
A look at how the concept of regression to the mean can be applied to the sports betting scene.

The Concept of Back-Testing
A look at the concept of back-testing sports betting systems.

Differential From League Median
A look at the concept of Differential From League Average as it applies to sports handicapping.

Pythagorean Theorem and Season Wins
A look at how the Pythagorean Theorem can be used to predict season win totals for all sports.

Emotional Factors in Sports Betting
A look at the primary emotional factors bettors should consider when betting sports.

Looking at Futures Bets
A look at the concept of futures bets and house take.

Zeroing in on Conferences
A look at zeroing in on selected conferences for betting on college football and basketball.

Reverse Line Moves
Sports bettors have probably heard the term reverse line moves, but are somewhat unfamiliar with the concept. We'll look at them here and show how to use them to your advantage.

Using Medians in Sports Handicapping
Scoring averages don't always give an accurate assesment of a team's true ability when handicapping sporting contests. Using medians may be a better indicator. Learn about using medians in handicapping sporting events here.

Money Management for Sports Bettors
Learn how professional sports bettors manage their money. Includes a description of the Kelly Criterion and suggests a viable alternative.

Finding an Edge in Sports Betting
Many bettors, especially sports bettors, don't attack when they have the biggest advantage.

All About Parlays
Parlays are the most popular of the exotic sports wagers. Learn all about parlays and if they are good bets or not.

Finding Correlated Parlays
Sportsbooks don't accept correlated parlays, but there are instances where bettors can virtually find their own and increase their profits.

Misleading Final Scores
An article explaining why you should look through the boxscores of football games or basketball games.

Dual Power Ratings
A new approach when it comes to power ratings.

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