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Basic Baseball Betting

Learn all about wagering on the National pastime. Here you learn the fundamentals of baseball betting and get advice on how to intelligently wager on baseball.
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Short Term or Long Term Baseball Trends?
A look at short term and long term trends in relation to betting baseball. Two news systems will be used.

Creating a 1-Run Line
A way to make your own 1-run line for baseball betting purposes.

The Importance of Listing Pitchers For Betting Purposes
A quick look at why listing pitchers is so important to baseball bettors.

Betting the Right Number For Baseball Totals
A look at how to get the best number when betting baseball totals.

Reverse Line Moves in Baseball
A look at reverse line movements in baseball for sports bettors.

Good Hitting Beats Good Pitching
The old adage of baseball being 90-percent pitching isn't really true. Hitting is just as important as we'll show here.

First Inning Bets
One of the baseball bets that is gaining popularity is the first-inning wager. Learn about first-inning bets here.

Betting Big Baseball Favorites
While it's always tempting to bet the large favorites in baseball, it isn't necessarily a good idea. This article tells why.

Betting Baseball Parlays
In basketball and football, parlays are considered bad bets, paying off at lower odds than they should. But that isn't the case in baseball. Find out why.

Betting the First Five Innings
Baseball bettors have the options of betting the first five innings of a game at many sportsbooks. There are some advantages that the five-inning bet offers. Those are explained here.

Umpires and Their Effect on Baseball Totals
There has been a great deal of attention paid to umpires and their effect on over/under wagers by sports gamblers. Is that attention warranted? Read here to find out.

How to Bet on Baseball
Learn how to bet on intelligently wager on baseball and what you should look for before placing a bet.

Examining Starting Pitchers
There's more than looking at the pitcher's records and ERA in baseball to determine if a team is a worthwhile bet. There is one key statistic that you won't be in any newspaper, but is easily found online. Here's we'll discuss what that stat is and how it can best be used.

Baseball Divisional Underdog Method
A look at a method for betting divisional underdogs in baseball.

Low Scoring Underdog Winners
A quick little system pertaining to betting baseball underdogs.

Baseball's Departing Dogs
A baseball betting system pertaining to the last game of a series.

Baseball's Better Dogs
Another simple baseball betting system pertaining to underdogs.

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