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Basic Basketball Betting

This is where you will receive an introduction to NBA and college basketball betting and will give tips and suggestions on how intelligently wager on basketball.
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Pythagorean Formula and Basketball Betting
A look at using the Pythagorean Formula to predict a team's chances of covering the spread in basketball.

Betting the WNBA
Betting on the WNBA is a growing pastime, as gamblers are taking advantage of the small league as a profitable venture.

How to Bet Basketball
If you're new to the world of basketball betting, this article will give you a solid background of the basics.

Sagarin NBA Power Ratings
Jeff Sagarin's NBA power ratings are some of the most widely used power ratings by sports bettors and should be one factor in your handicapping process. Power ratings alone are usually not enough to make you a winning NBA bettor, but they are a valuable addition to your handicapping arsenal.

Sagarin NCAA Basketball Power Ratings
College basketball bettors who don't have the time to create and update their own power ratings will find Jeff Sagarin's ratings a valuable tool. The greatest strength of the ratings are that the average opponent power ratings (strength of schedule) is already calculated for you.

NCAA Basketball Unranked Favorites Revisited
A look at the college basketball system that says to take unranked favorites over ranked teams.

Betting the NCAA Tournament
Tips for betting on the NCAA College Basketball Tournament.

Updated NCAA Tournament Odds
A look at the current odds to win the 2013-14 NCAA Basketball championship.

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