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College Basketball Betting System


College Basketball Betting System

One of the oldest college basketball systems around happens to be one of the most successful. It's one that most experienced sports bettors have heard of, but possibly didn't realize its success. But, there is an addition to the popular system, that has also fared pretty well and we'll throw into the equation as well.

The first part of the system is to simply wager on any unranked team that is favored at home over a ranked team. That's all there is to it.

The system went 38-22 in the 2006-07 NCAA basketball season and it currently 12-6 in the 2007-08 season.

The rationale behind the system makes sense, as you're taking a good team, as evident by the fact that they are favored over one of the top 25 teams in the country, who is playing in front of the home fans. The team, along with its fans, tend to get up for these games, wanting to prove they are just as good than the ranked team. You can expect the home team to give its best effort.

The second part of the system, that isn't as widely known, is to wager against these home teams in their next game if they did cover the point spread against the ranked team.

Unranked teams that do knock-off the ranked teams are ripe for a letdown in their next game, and are often spent emotionally, as well as physically, and many times have trouble getting up for its next opponent. Wagering against these teams has produced a 9-3 record so far in the 2007-08 NCAA season.

There you have it. A simple, easy to use system that takes no more than a few minutes each day to check and is likely to add a few dollars to your betting bankroll over the course of a season.

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