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The NBA Zig-Zag Theory


The NBA Zig-Zag Theory

For many years, the NBA Zig-Zag Theory was money in the bank when it came to betting the NBA playoffs. But as is the case with nearly every successful sports gambling system, it became too popular for its own good, and since 2000 is a losing proposition.

The NBA Zig-Zag Theory was created by longtime sports bettor Tony Salinas roughly 35 years ago and the premise behind the system is a simple one - simply bet on the team that lost the last game in a playoff series. The system started out great, but like the Monday night home underdog in the NFL, it started being used by many bettors and in the past eight years is 260-244, as the line is now adjusted to factor in the theory.

The rationale behind the system makes sense, as a team is likely to fight harder coming after a loss, but the success the system had in previous years, make it something that has essentially run its course for the time being.

When the NBA playoffs start, you're likely to hear about the Zig-Zag Theory and how great it has done over the years, but remember a lot of that success came many years ago and as a sports bettor, you should be much more concerned with recent history and the future.

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