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Betting on Other Sports

There are a number of different events you can bet on and here is where you'll learn about betting on sports such as golf, boxing, auto racing, and tennis.
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Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
A look at the 2014 Nathan's Famous Fourth of July hot dog eating contest.

USA Has Good Shot vs. Belgium
A look at Tuesday's World Cup match between the United States and Belgium.

USA vs. Germany World Cup Preview
A look at Thursday's World Cup match between Germany and the United States from a betting standpoint.

World Cup Betting Primer
A look at the 2014 World Cup from a betting perspective.

Betting Mixed Martial Arts
A look at betting mixed martial arts.

How to Bet on Boxing
There's nothing like the excitement of a big fight, except watching a big fight when you have a little wager on the outcome. Here you'll learn all about how how to bet on boxing matches.

How to Bet on Soccer
Soccer betting is one of the most popular betting activities in the world. Learn all about betting on soccer here.

How to Bet on Horse Racing
A quick look at how to bet on horse racing for the novice bettor.

Betting on Golf Events
Golf and gambling practically go hand-in-hand, as wagering on the outcome of a match is something that has been done for centuries. Learn all about wagering on professional golf tournaments and let others do all the walking for you.

Wagering on NASCAR
The popularity of NASCAR has also carried over into the world of sports gambling. Learn how to bet on NASCAR races and add a little excitement to the races.

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