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Essays on Sports and Sports Gambling

This section will contain various essays and other writings on the wild world Sports Gambling.
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What's Really Behind the Latest Proposed Internet Gambling Ban?
A look at Sen. Lindsey Graham's proposed ban on Internet gambling.

A Wild and Woeful Wednesday
A night of bad beats betting college basketball.

Sticking to Winnable Games
A quick look at which forms of gambling can be beat and which can't.

Anatomy of a Losing Weekend
A look at a losing weekend of football betting.

Leagues Are Fooling Themselves About Gambling
The major sports and the NCAA are the first to line-up against attempts to expand legalized gambling. Do they really think their products are that great?

States Are Missing the Point About Sports Gambling
Even those states who are pushing for legalized sports betting are missing the point when it comes to making a profit through sports betting.

Sports Betting and Superstitions
Gamblers are some of the most superstitious people you'll ever meet. Including sports gamblers. Here is a quick look at some of the oddities that sports bettors have.

Bad Beats Don't Even Out
Musings on the sports betting notion of bad beats.

Sports Bettors Need Friends Too
Sports bettors need a kindred spirit just like anyone else. Find out about camaraderie for sports gamblers.

Sports Fans Aren't Always Good Sports Bettors
There is a world of difference between being a sports fan and a serious sports bettor. The two seldom go hand-in-hand. Here are some of the key differences

Dealing With Losing Streaks
All sports bettors will have the eventual losing streak. Learn how to deal with them here.

CNBC Should be Ashamed of Money Talks
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