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Intermediate Sports Gambling

Here you find information for sports gamblers who have a good grasp of sports betting fundamentals and are looking for more advanced theories and systems. Come prepared to learn.

System Players Can't Be Choosy
A look at why system players should stick to their systems and not pick and choose.

Hedging Playoff Series Bets
A look at the concept of hedging playoff series wagers.

Hedging and Scalping Your Bets
A look at the sports betting practice of hedging and/or scalping sports bets.

Betting Must-Win Games
With the regular season winding down in the NHL and the NBA bettors will be faced with games where particular teams must win to make the playoffs or clinch a higher seed. Sometimes they are good bets, sometimes not.

Halftime Middles
Placing halftime bets is a growing trend in sports betting, but many bettors fail to think things through before making a wager, especially when it comes to trying for a middle with a previous bet.

Tracking the Sportsbooks
Certain sportsbooks are known to have sharper lines than others. Learn how you can use that to your advantage here.

Dealing With Local Bookies
Not everybody bets in Las Vegas or online. Many sports gamblers use local bookies and they can be worth their weight in gold. Read this to find out why.

Sports Gambling - Winning Percentage vs. Units Won
When it comes to sports gambling, units won is the only thing that really matters. Too many sports bettors are worried about winning percentage, which can cost a sports gambler money in the long run. Read this article to find out why.

Buying Sports Gambling Systems
If you bet on sports, you have no doubt seen people selling sports betting systems that claim to win 90-percent of the time. Find out why you should save your money.

Using Forums, Sports Services, and Public Handicappers
Most sports gamblers don't make their own picks, but instead follow the picks of others and often lose even if following good handicappers. Find out why.

Buying Half Points
Nearly every sportsbook allows bettors to buy half points to change the point spread, but bettors must pay for them by accepting lower odds. Learn about buying half points here.

The Magic of 55 Percent Winners
A look at why any system or trend hitting 55 percent is much better than one might think.

Betting TV Games
A look at betting on televised football and basketball games and a strategy to help minimize your losses.

The Fallacy of the Numbers Game
One of the questions sports bettors often ask is, "how many games should I bet?" Learn the answer here.

Betting Big Games
Some helpful hints when it comes to betting the biggest games of the year.

Finding Value in Sports Betting
Value is a word long-time sports gamblers often use. Find out what they really mean in this article.

The Wacky World of Proposition Betting
A look at the growing, and sometimes offbeat, world of proposition wagers.

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