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Football Newsletters


Gold Sheet

The Gold Sheet has been around for years and really hasn't changed its format in recent years, despite having a host of new people working on the newsletter. Each game has a prediction and a brief write-up and there are several Key Releases each week, which are the newsletter's best bets of the week.

For many years, the Gold Sheet's power ratings had a huge impact on the Las Vegas line. It was widely assumed the oddsmakers took the Gold Sheet ratings and then adjusted the line several points on public perception and recent form and posted that as their opening number.

The Gold Sheet still has solid power ratings and the company's integrity has remained intact over the years.

Gold Sheet Extra

Gold Sheet Extra is the second of the three Gold Sheet publications and is more of a trend=based newsletter than the standard Gold Sheet. There is the weekly Technical Report and Systems Spotlight, along with some decent statistical information.

There are selections given each week, which are called the Technical Plays of the Week and consist primarily of college games, with attention given to the NFL, as well.

There are typically point spread breakdowns, showing how home favorites, away favorites, etc., have fared.

Gold Sheet Confidential Kick-Off

The Gold Sheet's Confidential Kick-Off, or CKO as it is generally called, contains several pages of statistical information, along with a page of selections, which is this newsletter's main selling point. All of the games are rated 10* or 11* and the 11* plays had a pretty decent run during the 2008 season.

There is also a look at some totals and a list of games that just missed the list and are called 9* plays.


Pointwise is another newsletter that hs been around for a number of years and has stayed true to its format. All games receive a prediction and selected games are marked as Key Releases each week.

Each issue contains power ratings, statistics of the most recent meeting between teams playing, mathematical predictions, systems and more.

The Red Sheet

Pointwise also publishes the Red Sheet, which is aimed more for those bettors who simply want to know who to bet on. A single page, the Red Sheet zeroes in on five or six games with brief write-ups, along with showing key injuries and line moves.


Marc Lawrence's Playbook is a popular newsletter that is hard to label. In some aspects, it is like a cross between the Gold Sheet and Power Sweep, as it has some of the same features as both, while it also has some unique aspects, such as the Wise Guys Contest, which is a selection from different handicappers in a $10,000 winner take all contest.

There are decent write-ups of each game, along with games chosen as best bets for both college and pro football. Each issue also contains the Playbook Line, the newsletter's spread on each game, along with system and trend information, as Lawrence has made his mark through his use of trends and angles.

Sports Reporter

Sports Reporter is one of the longtime newsletters out there and has changed its format up in recent years. The newsletter used to simply provide a predicted score on every game and customers would look for differences between the predicted margin and point spread to find their wagers.

But with different odds in different parts of the country and lines moving during the day, different customers would end up with different Best Bets or Super Best Bets so Sports Reporter now mentions those games specifically to avoid confusion.

Sports Reporter gives write-ups on each game and does a solid job of talking about the NFL.

Winning Points

Winning Points is the last of the Big Three newsletters, along with the Gold Sheet and Sports Reporter, and for many years was one of the three newsletters most people were familiar with.

Winning Points further separated itself from the other newsletters by publishing on a year-round bases, including during the summer when baseball was the only game in town.

The newsletter offers logs, stats and write-ups and gives readers decent value for their money.

Nelly's Greensheet

Nelly's Greensheet is a straight forward, nice little newsletter that offers good write-ups of each game, key selections, stats, trends and systems.

Nelly's isn't going to dazzle you with eye-popping graphics or anything like that, but is a solid read, even if you don't happen to agree with the write-up. A reasonable price adds to the value.

The Max

Kevin O'Neill's The Max is another newsletter that is straight forward and offers write-ups and selections on about 10 games per week. The rationale behind each selection is lengthy.

The newsletter is all text and isn't bad for those looking for a select number of games each week.

Statfox Platinum Sheets

It's not really fair to call Statfox Platinum Sheets a newsletter, as each issue is packed with stats, write-ups, trends, power ratings and a lot more.

The publication is really for those who like to handicap their own games, but does offer selections by Statfox employees.

Killer Sports

Killer Sports' NFL Report covers, naturally, just the NFL and gives plenty of information about the pro games on the schedule. Four selections are given in each issue, with two totals and two sides.

Each issue has an extensive trends and notes write-up of each game.

Hard Times

Each week Northcoast prints the results of its newsletter contest in Power Sweep, showing the results of seven newsletters (Power Sweep, Power Plays, Gold Sheet, Playbook, Winning Points, Pointwise and Sports Reporter). Through the games of Nov. 15 only one of the seven was showing a profit and that was Power Plays with a 52.9 winning percentage. Northcoast's Power Sweep was the lowest rated of the seven with a 39.1 winning percentage.

The other five newsletters were all in the 50-percent range.

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