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Sports Insights Line Predictor


Updated February 28, 2013

Sports Insights Line Predictor

It's been a few years since we looked at Sports Insights but Daniel Fabrizio and company are still fighting the good fight against the bookmakers. Sports Insights' latest tool in their arsenal is known as Line Predictor, which gives bettors a pretty good idea when the number on a game is likely to change and which way the odds will move.

There's nothing worse than betting on a game and seeing the odds move after you've placed your wager, since in sports betting you are stuck with the odds at the time you place your bet. If Line Predictor says that a game is likely to move against you, you should bet it as soon as possibly, just as you should wait if you like the side opposite the line move.

Line Predictor has a high accuracy rate of predicting line moves, as it is nearly 82% for its last 1,000 NBA games, and the results page will show you exactly how it has fared recently. The Line Predictor feature just doesn't say that it expects a certain line to move, it will give a confidence percentage, such as "92% confidence that Tulane will go to -6.5" or "73% confidence that USC will go to 7."

Line Predictor makes its forecasts on the basis of "ten years of public betting percentages, betting volume, steam moves, injury news and weather updates" and while it is applicable in basketball only at the moment, but plans are being made for its use in the other major sports, as well as

Line Predictor does not make a projection in every game, just certain games that meet its criteria. Being selective is the primary reason the method is able to forecast point spread movements at such a high percentage.

The basic premise behind Line Predictor is that it will help you get the best number on selected games. As one who reminds bettors to shop for the best number on a frequent basis, naturally I'm impressed. You can also set up an alert and be notified via popup, e-mail or push alert on Sports Insight's free smart phone app as soon as the line moves to your desired number.

The best part is that for a short while you can try out the Line Predictor for a week absolutely free. Just visit www.sportsinsights.com to sign-up.

Other Changes

There have also been plenty of other changes since the last time we wrote about Sports Insights and one of the most impressive is what is known as the Value Meter, in which a green bar appears next to teams that Sports Insights believes offers good value. The length of the bar will change depending on the amount of value a particular team offers.

The Value Meter is creating by weighing a combination of public betting percentages, steam moves, smart money betting, injuries and referee/official trends and play a big role in Sports Inights' best bets and square plays, which have both been profitable over the years.

Another great feature for handicappers is the archive section, where bettors can not only get odds and scores for games dating as far back as 2003, but you can also see public betting percentages on those games. All you need to do is simply scroll down the drop-down menu until you find the particular day you are looking for and you'll get a list of games that were played that day.

If you haven't visited Sports Insights before or haven't been to the site recently, stop by there and I'm sure you'll enjoy what you see.

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