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Review of SportsInsights.com Website


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The Live Odds Screenshot

Readers of this site will know that I'm a firm believer in going against the public as often as possible. If a large majority of sports bettors are on one side of a game, it's much better to be on the opposite side when you consider that most sports bettors will lose money in the long run.

SportsInsights.com helps you determine which games the public is on, making it easy to be on the same side as the house, which will generally come out ahead over time.

Live Odds From Numerous Sportsbooks

One of the nice features of the SportsInsight website is that users are allowed to select from more than 30 sportsbooks they wish to view odds from. This is especially helpful if a bettor deals with more than one sportsbook, which if possible, is something I'd highly recommend. Betting into the most advantageous odds can only help in the long run, as a point here and a half-point there can often be the difference between winning and losing and getting the best odds in money line sports, such as hockey or baseball, is essential over the long haul.

When odds change on a particular game, the numbers are highlighted, making it easy to see which games have moved, and the best numbers, for both the favorite and the underdog, are listed in blue and red, making it easy to see which sportsbook offers the best line for a particular team.

Line changes from online sportsbooks are reflected immediately, which is crucial for the sports bettor, as many times the first to act, will be the one who receives the best odds.

Betting Percentages

The Betting Percentage Charts

My favorite aspect of SportsInsights comes in the form of betting percentages on each game, which let you know the percentage of money each particular sportsbook is seeing on each team, as some sportsbooks are known to have sharper players and/or sharper lines. This comes in the Premium Membership, which will be discussed more in a bit, but in my opinion, is a steal at $69 a month, especially when compared with other companies which charge a lot more and offer much less.

With the betting percentages, bettors can see which teams the money is coming in on and its effect on the line. When the line doesn't move, or actually moves the other way, there is generally a reason and bettors should take note of such games.

The Premium Membership allows bettors to see the percentage of money wagered at a particular sportsbook or the market average, which is the combined betting percentages at all of the contributing sportsbooks.

Square Plays

Another feature that comes with the Premium Membership is the square plays, which in short, is a list of the most lopsided games in terms of money wagered each day. Betting against these plays has produced a winning percentage between 55 and 57 percent over the past five years, which makes sense, as any time you are going against the general betting public, you should come out ahead in the long run.

Other Features For Bettors

There is a wealth of other information for sports bettors to be found at SportsInsights, including injury and weather information, previews and handicapping match-up reports, and the fastest scoring updates around, as the company uses the same feed as ESPN, Yahoo, and others.

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