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Basic Hockey Betting

Even if you don't know offsides from cross-checking, wagering on hockey can be fun and profitable. Learn the fundamentals of hockey betting and make some cool cash.
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The Advantage of Betting Hockey Totals
A look at why hockey totals may be one of the best betting opportunities around.

Mathematical Based NHL Predictions
A look at a math-based model for predicting NHL games.

How to Bet on Hockey
Ever wonder how to bet on the NHL? Look no further than here.

How to Bet on European Hockey
Hockey bettors aren't restricted to solely betting on the National Hockey League. A number of sportsbooks accept wagers on European hockey games. Learn how to bet on European hockey games and how betting differs from the NHL.

Line Moves in the NHL
Line moves in the NHL are more noteworthy than they are in other sports, for the sheer reason that fewer people wager on the games. Learn how to use line moves to your benefit.

Hockey's High-Priced Losers
When big favorites lose in the NHL, they're not always good bets in their next game. Learn when teams are good bets to bounce back and when they're not here.

Betting NHL Totals
Some insight into betting NHL totals.

Sagarin NHL Power Ratings
Power ratings for NHL teams are rare, as few people have the time or the know-how to create a mathematical index for each hockey team. Jeff Sagarin is one of those people, however, and his NHL power ratings are a good source for beginning hockey bettors.

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