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NHL Conference Odds


Updated January 17, 2013

NHL Conference Odds

We already looked at the odds to win the Stanley Cup here so now we'll move forward to the odds of winning each conference, as well as the six divisions.

All numbers are posted with the money line so it will help if you are familiar with the concept.

NOTE: These are the current odds at Bodog as of Thursday afternoon.

Odds to Win Eastern Conference

New York Rangers +350
Pittsburgh Penguins +400
Boston Bruins +650
Philadelphia Flyers +700
Carolina Hurricanes +1100

Washington Capitals +1200
Buffalo Sabres +1400
Tampa Bay Lightning +1500
Montreal Canadiens +1600
New Jersey Devils +1600

Florida Panthers +2000
Ottawa Senators +2200
Toronto Maple Leafs +2200
Winnipeg Jets +3300
New York Islanders +4000

The two favorites are coming out of the Atlantic Division, as is the No. 4 choice, which gives you an idea of the overall strength of the division. The team selected fourth from the Atlantic, New Jersey, just represented the Eastern Conference in the Stanley Cup Finals.

With those four teams beating each other up during the regular season, I'd be inclined to look elsewhere and would be likely to take a stab on Boston. The Bruins may not be the best team in the conference, but they do have a decent chance to get the No. 1 seed.

Odds to Win the Western Conference

Vancouver Canucks +500
Los Angeles Kings +600
Chicago Blackhawks +650
St. Louis Blues +700
Detroit Red Wings +900

Edmonton Oilers +900
Minnesota Wild +900
San Jose Sharks +900
Nashville Predators +1600
Anaheim Ducks +2000

Dallas Stars +2000
Calgary Flames +2200
Phoenix Coyotes +2200
Colorado Avalanche +2500
Columbus Blue Jackets +6000

The Canucks are in a somewhat similar situation as Boston in that they should have an easy time capturing their division, barring something happening on the Roberto Loungo front. At 5-to-1 odds, you could do much worse.

For longshots, defensive-minded Nashville or Phoenix could make some noise in the postseason, although getting there could prove to be tough, especially for the Preds.

Odds to Win Atlantic Division

New York Rangers +140
Pittsburgh Penguins +190
Philadelphia Flyers +333
New Jersey Devils +700
New York Islanders +2500

As a New Jersey Devils fan, I have to say the three teams listed above New Jersey are probably my least favorite three teams in the league, especially the top two, which is where your likely division winner is going to come from.

The Rangers may be the safest wager but I'd tend to go with Pittsburgh and hope the defense and goaltending can hold up.

Odds to Win Northeast Division

Boston Bruins -110
Buffalo Sabres +350
Montreal Canadiens +550
Ottawa Senators +650
Toronto Maple Leafs +650

Boston is going to be tough to beat, but I hate to make futures bets where you're risking more than you can win, even if it is just -110. I love watching Ryan Miller play, but have them and Ottawa rated about equally, so would be tempted to take the Sens if forced to make a wager here.

Odds to Win Southeast Division

Florida Panthers +500
Washington Capitals +225
Tampa Bay Lightning +300
Winnipeg Jets +700
Carolina Hurricanes +220

Not particularly sold on either Tampa or Carolina, so I'd look to Washington or Florida.

Odds to Win Central Division

St. Louis Blues +190
Nashville Predators +550
Detroit Red Wings +325
Chicago Blackhawks +160
Columbus Blue Jackets +3300

Much like the Atlantic, you have four solid teams in here. Detroit and Nashville both lost key defenders, so would take St. Louis if forced to make a pick.

Odds to Win Northwest Division

Vancouver Canucks -120
Calgary Flames +1200
Colorado Avalanche +1400
Minnesota Wild +325
Edmonton Oilers +325

The only way Vancouver doesn't win the division is if Loungo is dealt and Schneider falters badly.

Odds to Win Pacific Division

Phoenix Coyotes +800
San Jose Sharks +210
Los Angeles Kings EVEN
Dallas Stars +800
Anaheim Ducks +800

Last season the top three teams were decided by three points and that could happen once again. Given the odds on the Kings and the Sharks, I'd lean towards a small stab on Phoenix.

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