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2013 NHL Stanley Cup Odds


Updated January 14, 2013

2013 NHL Stanley Cup Odds

Believe it or not, the National Hockey League will begin play in less than a week. Once again, the league will play a 48-game schedule, as a result of the owner's lockout and the late stage the collective bargaining agreement was reached.

The new schedule will see each team playing five games against division opponents and three games against conference foes, which is something that has to be taken into consideration when planning any futures bets for the season. The scheduling factor would appear to help teams like Vancouver, Washington and Boston, while team such as New Jersey and Detroit, who are in much more difficult all-around divisions, will have to work that much harder to make the playoffs, let alone get a good seed.

Before we get to the odds of winning the 2013 Stanley Cup, you will notice that I've done things the exact same way as I did for the Stanley Cup odds last year, as there are two prices next to each team. You have heard me preach about shopping at different sportsbooks in order to find the best value so I will show the odds from Bodog, followed by the odds from Sportsbook, just so you can see how much they can differ on the same team.

All numbers are posted with the money line so it will help if you are familiar with the concept.

Odds to Win the 2013 Stanley Cup

New York Rangers +800, +800
Pittsburgh Penguins +800, +800
Vancouver Canucks +1000, +1000
Boston Bruins +1200, +1200
Los Angeles Kings +1200, +900

Chicago Blackhawks +1400, +1000
Philadelphia Flyers +1400, +1500
St. Louis Blues +1600, +1600
Detroit Red Wings +1800, +1200
Edmonton Oilers +1800, +4000

Minnesota Wild +1800, +1000
Carolina Hurricanes +2200, +3000
San Jose Sharks +2200, +2500
Washington Capitals +2500, +3000
Buffalo Sabres +2800, +2000

Tampa Bay Lightning +3000, +2500
Nashville Predators +3300, +2500
New Jersey Devils +3300, +3000
Montreal Canadiens +3500, +4000
Toronto Maple Leafs +3500, +4000

Dallas Stars +4000, +4000
Florida Panthers +4000, +4000
Ottawa Senators +4000, +4000
Anaheim Ducks +4500, +3000
Phoenix Coyotes +4500, +4000

Calgary Flames +5000, +10000
Colorado Avalanche +5000, +4000
Winnipeg Jets +6600, +6000
New York Islanders +7500, +10000
Columbus Blue Jackets +10000, +10000

You will notice some definite discrepancies in the odds between the two sportsbooks, particularly with the Edmonton Oilers, while teams such as Detroit, Minnesota, Anaheim and Calgary have some big differences. Oddly, all of the teams play in the Western Conference, which the sportsbooks would appear to believe is more wide open than the East.

I seldom like favorites in futures wagers and this year is no exception. Both the Penguins and Rangers play in the toughest division in the Eastern Conference, as they will play each other five times, along with the Flyers, Devils and Islanders.

Picking a favorite in the East, I'd have to go with the Boston Bruins at +1200

In the West, Vancouver may or may not trade Roberto Luongo and I'd hesitate to back them until Cory Schneider plays a full work load. It's always tough to repeat, but among the logical choices, I'd have to look at Los Angeles at +1200 in the West.

For longshots, you could do worse than take the Washington Capitals at +3000 in the East and the Phoenix Coyotes at +4500 in the West.

A number of sportsbooks have yet to release Stanley Cup odds, such as The Greek so you may want to wait until all the sportsbooks have their odds posted. But if you find something you like now, don't hesitate as odds traditionally go lower as the start of the season approaches. Given the short time between the CBA being accepted and the start of the regular season, some sportsbooks may bypass Stanley Cup odds altogether this season.

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