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Using Stat Attack Programs


Using Stat Attack Programs

As readers of the site know, one of my favorite handicapping tools are the Stat Attack Software programs, which are available for college and pro football, college and pro basketball and Major League Baseball. These programs will give you a definite advantage over the betting public.

Recently I received an e-mail from a reader who wanted to know the best way to use the programs and I thought that the question required an article, as it's likely he isn't the only one with the question.

The easiest way to answer the original question is that there is no "best way" of using the programs. While that may sound like a bit of a cop-out, it's actually the beauty of the programs.

Using Stat Attack For Team Trends

One popular way of using Stat Attack programs is to uncover trends, such as between 1999-2008 the Denver Broncos were 29-44-3 as a home favorite. You could break that down even more and come up with such facts that during that span the Broncos were a dismal 5-11 as home favorites vs. the NFC.

Information like that is certainly good to know, especially if you are thinking about backing the Broncos in the role of being a home favorite. You would likely do a shorter time-period search, such as how the Broncos have performed over the past three years in that role and if you wanted to, you could do a quick search to see how the Broncos have done as a home favorite against a particular team.

That is just one method of using the programs and one that I'm sure many users do a regular basis.

Using Stat Attack For League Trends

For me, personally, I give more weight to how all teams in a particular league or conference have done in a situation, as opposed to how a particular team has done in a situation. Sticking along the same lines as our Denver Broncos search above, we would find that between 1999-2008 all AFC home favorites were 425-448-21. That doesn't really tell us a whole lot, other than blindly betting for or against all AFC home favorites would have been a losing proposition.

But if we delve into the stats a little bit more, we would find that over the 10-year period, all AFC home favorites were 121-96-7 against the NFC, we have something that causes us to pay attention.

Using the Stat Attack Combination

The person who may get the biggest advantage from Stat Attack is the person who looks at both team trends and league trends. Using our examples from above, this person would have noticed that the AFC teams were solid bets against the NFC, but also noticed that Denver was not. By excluding the Broncos, the trend's winning percentage now jumps to nearly 58 percent.

Ultimately, how a person uses Stat Attack should be based on their handicapping preferences and on what factors they give the most weight to. Whichever method you choose will give you an edge, and sports bettors need every advantage they can get.

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