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2013 Stat Attack Baseball/Diamond Edge

2013 Stat Attack Baseball/Diamond Edge

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Every year I look forward to the release of the Stat Attack Baseball program more than any other. That's typically where the changes for the new software line first appear and the big change for 2013 is pretty exciting.

For the first time, Stat Attack is releasing a new program that makes predicted scores. This is called Diamond Edge and is a separate program entirely from the traditional Stat Attack Baseball program. We'll look at both programs in this article.

Diamond Edge

Diamond Edge is an amazing program that will allow you to handicap a full baseball schedule in roughly 15 minutes. You simply enter the teams and starting pitchers from a pull-down menu, along with the time of the game and you will get a predicted score. It really is that easy.

While the program is simple to use, don't think it's merely a toy. The results are pretty impressive, as Stat Attack says in its tutorial, "This handicapping system has been back tested for the past 6 years and in every year, playing every game and playing a static amount, the system has produced from +97 to +163 units of profit. In no year did it produce a loss."

Naturally, Stat Attack doesn't recommend playing every game, especially favorites of -160 or greater.

The data for the program is updated monthly so you have the current year's statistics to be working with.

The program bases its forecasts on several factors, including the number of hits a pitcher allows to surrender a run, as well as how many hits the opposing team needs to generate a run. The program also factors in the starting pitchers expected innings and how the bullpen will factor in, as well as a pitcher's success, or failure, against a particular team. Some pitchers historically dominate a particular team, while others have no success against a foe and adjustments are made for those factors.

The program will sell for $395, which will work out to just over $2 a day over the course of the season. That's a bargain, but if you keep reading you'll see how to get the program for much less.

Stat Attack Baseball 2013

Let's not forget about the Stat Attack Baseball programs, either. This program is a definite must for any serious baseball bettor. As usual, there are three versions of the program available, Regular, Gold and Platinum.

Searches are a breeze with all three programs. If you want to know how the Tigers do with Justin Verlander on the road in day games, Stat Attack will let you know in a flash.

If you want to see how Seattle has fared as a home underdog against divisional teams throwing a left-handed starting pitcher, Stat Attack will give you the answer in a matter of seconds.

There is practically no limit to the number of different searches you can run and the things that you'll uncover with the program.

Three Versions of Stat Attack Baseball 2013

The Regular version contains stats through the 2012 season, while the Gold version will update the program with 2013 stats on a weekly basis. You don't need to do anything other than run the program and when a statistical update is available, it will grab it for you. The Platinum version does everything the Gold version does, but also lets you run an "All Teams" search, which will let you know in descending order which teams

The Regular version of Stat Attack contains a complete set of results dating back to the 1999 season, which makes the price of $69.95 a bargain, as you would likely pay that much, if not more, for just the results logs alone. The results contain both money line results, along with totals.

The Gold Version sells for $159.95 and does all of the things that the Regular version does, but also allows for weekly updates of the current season's stats. The great thing is that the program automatically checks for updates and updates them when they are available.

The Platinum version costs $219.85 and will do everything the Gold version does, but also includes the "All Teams" search capability, allowing users to see which teams have been the best, or worst, in a particular situation, such as home or away, versus right-handers of left-handers, as favorites or underdogs, or as a combination, such as away favorites against left-handed starters.

Having the current season's stats to work with is a huge plus when you consider rookie pitchers and the ability to spot trend reversals, such as happened in 2012 with extremely large home favorites.

In 2010 and 2011, home favorites of -276 were 9-10, which is horrid considering the odds you were being asked to lay, but in 2012, these same favorites rebounded with a 13-2 mark. Those who had up-to-the-date stats were able to see the reversal developing in front of their eyes.

Special Offer For About.com Readers

I've had an excellent working relationship with Whitey at Stat Attack Sports since 2009. I've found him to be an honest, up-front individual, which is a bit of a rarity in the sports betting field. We have both benefited from from our relationship, but the big winners have been you, the readers.

As I've mentioned in the past, plenty of the systems I've written about were uncovered from Stat Attack programs. There is a wealth of information in the programs.

Stat Attack Sports has also had some special offers just for About.com readers, but their new one is the most exciting yet. If you order the Platinum version of Stat Attack Baseball 2013 before Jan. 15, 2013, they will also send you the Diamond Edge program absolutely free.

You will get both programs for $219.95, giving you the best of both worlds from a handicapping standpoint. Needless to say, I believe it's an offer that every baseball bettor should take advantage of.

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