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Stat Attack College Basketball 2012

Stat Attack College Basketball 2012

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College basketball is a beast like no other. With nearly 350 teams which have lines posted, it's practically impossible to keep track of every squad. But Stat Attack College Basketball certainly makes it a whole lot easier.

The fact there are so many college basketball teams makes Stat Attack's newest release a bit of an engineering marvel, as the program allows you to see how all the teams fare in various situations of your choosing.

There's a good reason why many serious bettors look to Stat Attack as a major tool in their college basketball handicapping process and they'll certainly be pleased with the latest release.

Stat Attack Regular Version

The Regular version of Stat Attack College Basketball 2012 allows the user to perform a number of different searches, focusing on a particular team or conference in a multitude of different scenarios, such as home or away, favorite or underdog, the number of days off between games, time zone changes and more. You can also look at the results from any specific date and see a listing of all games played on that day, as well as look to see how teams do ATS
or straight up.

You can also do searches and see results based on various lines or totals and how teams and/or coaches do in different situations.

You can also perform searches using a combination of factors. A quick search to see how totals have fared in games played in elevations of over 2,000 feet with a posted over/under of less than 125, shows they were 26-18-2 (59.1%) to the over last year.

As I've stated in the past, the Regular version of Stat Attack's college basketball programs are an absolute steal at $69.95. You would pay more than that for just the logs of the past 22 seasons in Excel format.

Stat Attack Gold Version

The Gold version of Stat Attack does everything that the Regular version of the program does, but it also allows you to incorporate the current season's statistics into the program. Best yet, is that the program does the downloading of the current stats for you automatically.

The Gold version allows you to do a search on just the current season to see how previous trends are holding up. In the example mentioned above regarding totals of less than 125 played in elevations of 2,000 feet, we'd see there has been just one game that fits that criteria so far this season, the Dec. 5 game between USC and New Mexico.

I recall seeing several sports services on the under 124.5, mentioning last year's 44-41 game between the two teams, but Stat Attack users probably weren't all that surprised to see the final score being 75-67.

The Gold version is a great buy at $159.95.

Stat Attack Platinum Version

The Platinum version of Stat Attack is the Rolls Royce of college basketball handicapping programs. It does everything the Gold version of the program does, but also incorporates the "All Teams" search, which lets you see how teams have fared in different situations in descending order.

If you want to know which teams are doing best as favorites or underdogs for the current year, Stat Attack will let you know, as well as let you know which teams are doing the worst.

Doing an "All Teams" search in college basketball is a bit different than doing one in other sports because of the number of teams involved. It's natural that it will take longer, but one thing I did find is that the speed of your search is influenced by your computer. My newer laptop performs searches three times faster than my trusty eight-year-old desktop.

There are several features built into the "All Teams" search for college basketball that are especially nice. The first is a status bar that tells you how far along the search is.

The second is that you can perform "All Team" searches on specific conferences or just the Power Conferences (Majors) or just the Mid-Majors, which will cut down your research time greatly. The folks at Stat Attack realize that not every basketball bettor cares about Texas-Arlington, Sam Houston State and the other teams in the Southland Conference and give you different options when it comes to searches.

The Platinum version is a great investment at $219.95.

Stat Attack in Action

One thing I did do is to write Using Stat Attack Programs in an attempt to show how the programs can be used, but realize different people are likely to use the programs differently. They will have different ideas and perform different searches to uncover worthwhile trends.

I frequently mention that many of the systems I write about are a direct result of my research with the Stat Attack line of programs and I will usually include something I've discovered in each review. But I'm only one person and just think of how many nuggets that could possibly be uncovered if you were searching, as well. If you enjoy reading the systems and methods on this site, you'll really love owning the program yourself and being able to do your own checking.

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