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2014 Odds to Win the AFC

A look at the 2014 odds to win the AFC.

The Pinnacle Lean

A look at the concept of the Pinnacle Lean in sports betting.

A Look at Sports-Picker.com

A look at the sports handicapping service Sports-Picker.com.

The Decision II Has Futures Markets Moving

A look at the LeBron James Decision II and how it has affected sportsbooks and bettors.

UNLV Library is Heaven for Sports Bettors

A look at the UNLV Lied Library Special Collections section on sports betting books and material.

Regression to the Mean in Sports Betting

A look at how the concept of regression to the mean can be applied to the sports betting scene.

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

A look at the 2014 Nathan's Famous Fourth of July hot dog eating contest.

USA Has Good Shot vs. Belgium

A look at Tuesday's World Cup match between the United States and Belgium.

USA vs. Germany World Cup Preview

A look at Thursday's World Cup match between Germany and the United States from a betting standpoint.

Expected ERA for Baseball Bettors

A look at using Expected ERA for baseball betting purposes.

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