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College Football Bowl Report No. 5


Updated January 03, 2013

College Football Bowl Report No. 5

We'll look at the remainder of the college football bowl game schedule, concluding with the BCS championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame. I was going to write up the championship game separately, but decided to throw it in here, so it goes out with Friday's newsletter.

Looking at the

college football power ratings shows Pittsburgh as a 7* play.

The Games

Cotton Bowl: We have a great match-up to look forward to between Oklahoma and Texas A&M. Oklahoma will likely enter the game a little bit miffed, having watching Northern Illinois get a BCS bowl berth that a number of pundits believed would go to the Sooners. Texas A&M was out of the picture, as only two teams from one conference can play in a BCS game, which is why teams like Georgia and A&M didn't get one of the big paydays.

Even though the game is being played in Texas, don't see the Aggies having any sort of advantage, as there will be plenty of fans from both schools at the game, as Norman is only 20 farther from Dallas than College State is.

Texas A&M was favored by 3.5 for most of the last two weeks, but as of Thursday night the line had dropped to Texas A&M-3 (-115). The total is 73.

Can see either team winning this game, but have to lean to the Sooners as an underdog in this spot.

Compass Bowl: We see a big drop-off in quality here, as we have a game between Pitt and Mississippi, both of which are 6-6. Not quite the makings of an exciting contest.

The power ratings say Pitt and I believe the Panthers are just as good, if not better than Ole Miss, but am worried about the intangibles here. The game will be played in Birmingham and one thing we've seen in recent years is for fans of SEC teams to come out cheer for fellow SEC squads, so believe the Rebels will have the better support.

Miss is coming off an upset of Mississippi State to become eligible for this game and believe they'll be a bit more excited to be playing than the Panthers. If I had to play the game, which I won't, I'd lean to the under.

Go Daddy.com Bowl This actually isn't a bad game, although it's not quite like watching a pair of BCS teams. The squads are somewhat evenly matched and both can score. Tough one to forecast, but I'd lean to Kent State and the over.

BCS Championship Game: The game everybody has been waiting for featuring Alabama and Notre Dame. As of Thursday night, Alabama is favored by 9.5 points and the total is 40.5.

Alabama isn't the team of last year, losing to Texas A&M and coming pretty close to being upset in the BCS title game. The Tide also looked pretty human in a 21-17 victory over LSU.

Notre Dame struggled at times this season, winning a pair of games in overtime and owning a pair of three-point wins over Purdue and BYU, although several of those were tough spots for the Irish, coming off their win against Oklahoma, as well as their overtime win against Stanford.

The teams have put up similar numbers, as both rush and pass for over 200 yards. Alabama is allowing 40 fewer yards per game.

The line is pretty close to what it should be and it's not an easy game to forecast, but I'll lean to the Tide to get the cover and repeat as national champions.

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