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NFL Week 17 Report


Updated January 03, 2013

NFL Week 17 Report

The final week of the NFL regular season has a bit of suspense, primarily in the NFC where there are several playoff sports up for grabs, while the AFC playoff teams are set. There are several teams in "must-win" situations and as a result, the oddsmakers usually have bettors paying a little bit extra to wager on those teams, as they are always going to be public choices.

Houston needs a win to wrap-up home field advantage throughout the playoffs and are 7-point favorites at Indianapolis, although I expect the line to drop a bit, as Colts coach Chuck Pangano said he intends to play to win, meaning the starters will play. It's also a game the Colts want to win for their coach, as his battle with cancer has been well documented.

The Giants need to win and see Chicago, Minnesota and Dallas each lose, which isn't all that far-fetched, as two of the three teams are small underdogs, and find themselves as 7.5-point favorites against the Eagles despite being 2-5 in their last seven games and getting outscored 67-14 in their last two games.

The NFL Power Ratings have been updated for the final time this season. Any other changes will be listed in the weekly playoff articles that will start next week, as we'll look at each playoff game in greater detail than we have the regular season games.

The one thing we didn't really want to see with the Dudley Method and the Total Dudley Method took place last week and that was an exceptionally good week all the way around. The original Dudley System had the worst showing, going a respectable 5-3 against the spread, while the Total Dudley System posted an impressive 6-1 mark. Totals were a combined 7-1.

The reason I say that is it looked as though there could be some merit to going against the methods, but after they all moved closer to .500 last week, that may not be the best of ideas. It looks as though another season or two will have to be analyzed to see if the old method still has any merit.

We'll list this week's plays, as well as last week's records and season-to-date records.

Dudley Sides (5-3, 28-34-1): Colts+7, Eagles+7.5, Carolina+5.5, Arizona+16.5, Seattle-10.5.

Dudley Totals (4-1, 33-39-1): Bills under 39.5, Tenn under 42, Washington over 49, Lions under 44.5, Saints under 54, 49ers over 39, Seattle over 41.

Total Dudley Sides (6-1, 16-16-1):Colts+7, Carolina+5.5, Arizona+16.5, Seattle-10.5.

Total Dudley Totals (3-0, 16-22):Saints under 54, 49ers over 39, Seattle over 41.

YPP Power Ratings (2-2, 27-30): Colts+7, NYG-7.5, Vikings+3.5, Arizona+16.5.

The Games

We've been spinning or wheels here the last four weeks or so, going abound 50-50 after a solid stretch and it's a bit hard to get too excited about this week. A number of systems suggest bettors not play the final two weeks, as it;s always difficult to gauge what sort of effort a team is going to give. Even those needing a win for the playoffs can pack it in midway through a game.

Green Bay at Minnesota: The Vikings are definitely one of the big surprises of the season and find themselves with a chance to make the playoffs, something few people believed was possible before the start of the season. But in order to do so, they must beat their old nemesis, the Green Bay Packers.

The Vikings aren't going to win a shoot-out with the Packers and know they need to control the clock, so I'd give a nod to under 46.

Philadelphia at New York Giants: The Giants' offense has taken the last couple of weeks off, but expect them to put some points on the board here. Meanwhile, the NYG defense hasn't been anything special of late, so I'm looking at the over 46.

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