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Review of the Gold Sheet Website

The Gold Sheet

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The Gold Sheet is one of the most respected sports gambling information newsletters available and it has withstood the test of time, first being published in 1957. The company has made the transition to the online age quite well and its site offers plenty of historical data that every sports bettor should take advantage of.

Point Spead Logs

The strength of the Gold Sheet website is the point spread logs that go back to the 1993 season for the NBA, NFL, and college football. The college basketball logs go back as far as the 1995-96 season. These are found by clicking the "Past Scores & Rating" link on the lower left-hand portion of the page.

Point spread logs are valuable to sports bettors for back-checking on trends, systems, and angles to see how various betting situations have fared over the years. The Gold Sheet provides enough information to keep even the most die-hard statistical junkie busy for many days.

Current point spread logs also are available.

Betting Information

The primary purpose of the Gold Sheet website is to get you to subscribe to its newsletter or phone service, but there is plenty of free information online to make it a valuable stop for any sports gambler. Bettors will find free statistics, weather reports, scores, odds, and plenty more to help point them to the right team.

The Gold Sheet also publishes the "Gold Sheet Line," for football games, which is the company's predicted line on contests. The Gold Sheet power ratings have long been considered among the best in the business, so it's another area on the web site worth visiting each week.

Final Thoughts on the Gold Sheet

Unlike the majority of sports services, the Gold Sheet has a good reputation among betters and bookmakers alike. The company has never resorted to the tatics of making false claims about its record and has lasted for more than 50 years by putting out a solid product.

Fans of the printed version of the Gold Sheet newsletter will be happy yo know that they didn't lower their standards when it came to creating a website.

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