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Legality of Sports Betting

Here is where articles pertaining to the legality of sports betting will be.

Proposed Internet Gambling Ban Won't Affect Sports Bettors
A look how Senator Graham's proposed ban on Internet gambling will affect sports bettors in the United States.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal?
Many bettors would like to know if online sports betting is legal. Find out the story here.

Delaware Snubbed by U.S. Supreme Court
The United States Supreme Court rejected Delaware's appeal of a ruling that allows the state to accept sports wagers on major sports.

Carruthers Receives 33 Months in Prison
BetOnSports.com CEO David Carruthers was sentenced to 33 months in prison on Friday, Jan. 9, 2010.

Delaware Legalizes Sports Betting
Delaware Gov. Jack Markell made sports betting legal in the state on May 14, 2009, when he signed a bill to allow it.

Barney Frank Introduces New Gambling Bill
Rep. Barney Frank made good on a promise to push for legalized Internet gambling on May 6, 2009. Read more about the bill and what it could mean for online sports bettors.

Federal Lawsuit Seeks to Legalize Sports Betting
A federal lawsuit filed on March 23, 2009, seeks to overturn the ban on legalized sports betting. Find out more here.

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