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The Greek Sportsbook Review

The Greek Online Sportsbook

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When looking for an online sportsbook there are give primary details a prospective customer should look for: financial status, wagering ease, ease of making deposits and withdraws, betting options, and bonus programs.

Of these five, obviously financial status is by far the most important, as it doesn't matter how many bonuses a sportsbook will give you or how easy it is to place a wager if they don't pay.

Here we will take a look at The Greek, an online sportsbook that consistently gets high marks from sports bettors and for good reason.

NOTE: The Greek no longer accepts players from the United States.

The Greek Background

The Greek has been around since 1996, making it one of the longest-running sportsbooks around. The Greek is also known to many sports bettors as Olympic Sports, which is now the name of the parent company that runs The Greek.

The Greek is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica and they accept deposits by credit card, bank wire, money transfer, cashiers check or bank draft, among others, making getting started a relatively simple process.

The Greek offers numerous methods for making deposits or withdraws, so funding an account or getting your money should be a relatively easy process.

Financial Status

Gamblers can feel confident to have their funds in The Greek, as the company's reputation for making prompt payments is widely known in the sports betting fraternity, including by several independent online sportsbook watchdogs, Sportsbook Review and the Off Shore Gaming Association.

Many withdraws offer same day processing, so customers receive their funds in a timely manner.

The Greek's slogan is "Sweat the game, not the payout" and the company does an extremely great job of living up to that motto.

Wagering Ease

The Greek's online site is fairly easy to navigate and players can login into the system using a guest account to work out any bugs before placing their first bets. The company accepts phone wagers for those times you can't be at your computer and the minimum phone wager is just $5 USD.

Bettors can place a number of exotic bets, such as teasers, reverses, parlays, round-robins, and can buy half points.

The Greek advertises that it welcomes action from professional bettors, so gamblers don't have to worry about being cut off if they're winning on a fairly regular basis. This alone, makes The Greek a worthwhile place to open an account.

Many years ago, The Greek was noted for being one of the few online sportsbooks that accepted wagers on the added basketball games, something the majority of other sportsbooks now do. The Greek is still ahead of many other sportsbooks, as it is one of the first places to offer overnight lines.

Bonus Program

The Greek offers an solid bonus program, where you can earn up to $1,100 on your initial deposit and you earn 10% up to $250 and $500 per month on additional deposits. The Greek also offers a 20% bonus when you refer somebody to open an account. Not all deposit methods qualify for subsequent deposit bonuses, so be sure to check the rules or inquire with customer service first.

The Greek does offer specials throughout the year, such as its free $1.2 Million Pro Football Challenge, which also offers weekly and monthly prizes.

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